Anomaly Life Drawing

Anomaly Life Drawing

Anomaly Life Drawing

Life drawing that’s weirdly wonderful, no great ideas come from something plain! We want to fill your paper by pushing the boundaries with surreal shapes and freaky forms. We’re experimenting with atmospheric projections, sprawling dreamscapes and short films. We are delving into our own imaginations to provide you with the ultimate life drawing experience.

During each week there will be places for artists to experiment with their personal practice. We will supply suggested materials to fit with each theme as well as all the classic mark making tools including paper, all we will ask for is a small donation towards paper costs.

There will be two 45 minutes slots starting at 7pm so make sure you’re here on time and set up ready for 7.15pm. We will be focusing on shorter poses mixed with longer ones to give you time for more detailed work.

Over time we will be taking suggestions, please contact us with any interesting ideas you have always wanted to draw/photograph so we can try and make this happen!


Standard drawing : £9 per person

Students: £7 per person


Each class is run by Liah Edwardes and Victoria Billingham